Friday, July 9, 2021

Tom Mix and Tony, Film Star and Pony -- July 9, 2021

That is not a flattering drawing of Tom Mix.

Imperial Valley Press, 23-July-1921

Before air conditioning, theater business tended to decline or shut down during hot weather. Some theater owners in warm areas countered by creating open air theaters called airdomes or air domes. They were not drive-ins. Customers sat in chairs and enjoyed the evening breeze. The Palace Airdome was in the town of El Centro in the too darn hot Imperial Valley.

Moving Picture World, 23-July-1921

Tom Mix pays a visit to the Washington, DC office of Secretary of the Navy Edwin C Denby, who later played a major role in the Teapot Dome Scandal, and Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Franklin D Roosevelt. In August, 1921, FDR would be stricken with polio. 

Moving Picture World, 16-July-1921

"Tom Mix and Tony, Film Star and Pony," took part in a banquet in New York City.

Richmond Palladium and Sun-Telegram, 30-July-1921

South Bend News-Times, 15-September-1921

Buck Jones was Fox Film Corporation's second-tier cowboy star. He went on to have a strong career, well into the talkie era.

Moving Picture World, 30-July-1921

Art Acord was another contemporary of Mix, who appeared in many silent films, but did not make the transition to talkies. He served in France during World War One and was decorated for bravery and won an Army boxing title. Some folks suggested that he should fight heavyweight champ Jack Dempsey. That would have been a massacre.

Moving Picture World, 23-July-1921

I don't believe I have ever heard of Harry McCabe. He appeared in one more movie after Harry McCabe. He died in 1925.

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