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Roscoe Arbuckle in Brewster's Millions -- January 5, 2021

Motion Picture News, 15-January-1921

100 years ago, Roscoe Arbuckle starred in Paramount's Brewster's Millions. Brewster's Millions was a novel published in 1902 by George Barr McCutcheon (writing as Richard Greaves). In 1906, the popular novel became a popular play. It has been filmed many times. 

Moving Picture World, 24-January-1914

The first adaption was the second movie directed by Cecil B DeMille ("Master Playwright, Director and Author of Numerous Dramatic Successes")  and Oscar Apfel ("Acknowledged Peer of Directors and Genius of Innovators"). It starred Edward Abeles, who had played the lead in the stage production. The Jesse L Lasky Feature Play Company was an ancestor of Paramount. 

The 1921 version was the second adaption. In 1926, Bebe Daniels starred in Miss Brewster's Millions


The first talkie adaption was shot in Britain in 1935. It starred Jack Buchanan. 


Three on a Spree was another British version released in 1961. 


In 1945, Alan Dwan directed an American version starring Dennis O'Keefe. . 

There were Hindi, Tamil and Telugu versions made in India in 1954, 1985, 1988 and 1997. There was a Chinese adaption in 2018. 


In 1985, Walter Hill directed a version starring Richard Pryor. 

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