Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Who Said -- No More War Pictures! -- December 5, 2018

Moving Picture World, 07-December-1918
The United States joined the First World War in April, 1917. Learning from the British, the United States put its propaganda efforts into the hands of one organization, the Committee on Public Information, also called the Creel Committee, after its chairman, George Creel. The Creel Committee produced the "Official War Review," a series of weekly one-reelers about war subjects. 100 years ago, World War One had paused because of the Armistice on 11-November-1918, but the ad says "Official War Review ... will not be discontinued, but will be released weekly by Pathe for some time to come."

Moving Picture World, 14-December-1918
One of the conditions of the Armistice was that the German High Seas Fleet would be surrendered to the Allies and held until the final peace terms were agreed upon.  This became a popular theme for movies.

Moving Picture World, 21-December-1918
An interesting variety of scenes, including Italians with flamethrowers and Germans shelling a Red Cross hospital.

Moving Picture World, 21-December-1918
People often forget that Allied troops occupied Vladivostok, Russian during the Russian Civil War.

Motion Picture News, 21-December-1918
The Battle of Château-Thierry was the first large-scale action by the American Expeditionary Force, made up of Army and Marine Corps units.  "Who Said -- 'No More War Pictures!'"  There was a reaction coming against war films.

Moving Picture World, 21-December-1918


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