Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Tom Mix, Master of the Plains -- December 11, 2018

Moving Picture World, 21-December-1918
100 years ago this month, many of the short films of Tom Mix were being rereleased.  "Series of Sixteen Two-reel Western Comedy-Drama Re-Issues..."

Motion Picture News, 21-December-1918
"It was announced this week that Exclusive Features, Inc., of 126 West Forty-sixth street, New York, has bought outright all negatives of the Tom Mix comedy dramas formerly owned by Selig Polyscope Company."

Moving Picture World, 21-December-1918
"Tom Mix does good work in both of these offerings, and there are several excellent riding scenes."

Moving Picture World, 28-December-1918
Since the Selig shorts were being rereleased, Fox decided to rerelease the shorts that Tom Mix had made for his studio.

Motion Picture News, 28-December-1918
"...the Fox Film Corporation...intends to release its two-reel Tom Mix comedy subjects, which, as part of the Foxfilm Comedy brand, were among the most popular comedies...The Tom Mix two-reel comedy releases will be started January 12, a Tom Mix comedy being released every other week alternately with a Fox-Lehrman Sunshine Comedy."

Moving Picture World, 21-December-1918
Meanwhile, Fox continued to release new Tom Mix features like "Treat 'Em Rough."

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