Sunday, October 21, 2018

Dachshund Gets Licked by Three Allied Pups -- October 21, 2018

Moving Picture World, 26-October-1918
Henry (Pathé) Lehrman started out at Biograph, then went to Keystone with Mack Sennett, then left Sennett to found L-KO (Lehrman Knock-Out) Komedies. He left L-KO to produce Sunshine Comedies for Fox. Sunshine Comedies frequently featured pretty girls and lions.  "Mongrels" had no lions or pretty girls, just dogs.  The story of a German dachshund attacking a French poodle, who gets rescued by a British bulldog and an American terrier, was an allegory of the war.

Moving Picture World, 26-October-1918
"A dachshund, wearing a Hun helmet, comes along, crosses the line and attacks the poodle."

Moving Picture World, 05-October-1918
Bud Fisher's Mutt and Jeff was the most popular comic strip in America for many years. Augustus Mutt and Jeff had many timely adventures. The cartoon in this ad, "Bulling the Bolsheviki," has the boys in Russian during the revolution.  The ad also promotes Fox Sunshine Comedies.

Moving Picture World, 26-October-1918
I have never seen the term "bomb inhalers" before.

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