Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Henry Lehrman's Smashing, Dashing, Merry, Fairy Sunshine Comedies -- August 29, 2018

Moving Picture World, 10-August-1918
Henry (Pathé) Lehrman started out at Biograph, then went to Keystone with Mack Sennett, then left Sennett to found L-KO (Lehrman Knock-Out) Komedies. He left L-KO to produce Sunshine Comedies for Fox. Sunshine Comedies frequently featured pretty girls and lions. Many of the films were lost in a big fire at Fox.

Moving Picture World, 17-August-1918
"Cleverest Comedies Issued."

Moving Picture World, 31-August-1918
"Over the Top."

Moving Picture World, 03-August-1918
"Quintet of Sunshine Comedy Contributors."

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