Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Harold Lloyd -- One of the Screen's Finest Comedians -- August 21, 2018

Moving Picture World, 24-August-1918
Tamar Lane, movie critic of the Boston Evening Record, wrote "Harold Lloyd, one of the screen's finest comedians, and one whom we think will some day take his place along side of Chaoplin and Arbuckle as a wholesale producer of laughs."

Moving Picture World, 10-August-1918
Eleven Rolin employees were in the military.  My favorite: "Max D Hamburger, cook at the Presidio, San Francisco."

Moving Picture World, 10-August-1918
Harold Lloyd's "Kicking the Germ Out of Germany" was frequently included on all war programs at theaters.

Moving Picture World, 10-August-1918
Harold Lloyd's co-star Bebe Daniels signed up for a third year with Rolin.

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