Monday, July 9, 2018

Show Your Patrons Pershing in France -- July 9, 2018

Moving Picture World, 14-July-1918
The Universal Animated Weekly offered a special release On 13-June-1917, General John J Pershing arrived in France.  He was Commander of the AEF (American Expeditionary Force), which combined regular Army, National Guard and Marine units.

Moving Picture World, 14-July-1918
"Scenes of General's Greeting at Sea Port and in Paris Arouse Great Enthusiasm at Rialto."

Moving Picture World, 20-July-1918

The United States joined the First World War in April, 1917. Learning from the British, the United States put its propaganda efforts into the hands of one organization, the Committee on Public Information, also called the Creel Committee, after its chairman, George Creel. The Creel Committee produced a few features. The first was Pershing's Crusaders. "Pershing's Crusaders was taken by the U.S. Signal Corps and Navy Photographers and the French General Staff."

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