Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Big V Comedies Ignore Hot Weather -- July 3, 2018

Motion Picture News, 06-July-1918
Larry directed, wrote and starred in a comedy with the unlikely title of "Hindoos and Hazards."

Motion Picture News, 06-July-1918
"Semon had his company at Catalina all of the past week."

Motion Picture News, 13-July-1918
"One of these companies is headed by Lawrence Semon, the other by Earle Montgomery and Joe Rock, and they alternate on the Vitagraph program, a Semon comedy being presented one week and a Montgomery-Rock product the other... Although both Semon and the Montgomery-Rock combination go in solely for slapstick, there is a difference in the productions of the two. The former combines burlesque with his buffoonery, using legitimate productions oftentimes as the basis of his comedies, while Montgomery and Rock run more to acrobatics and hazardous stunts in putting over their laughs."

Motion Picture News, 20-July-1918

"Big V Comedy -- one part -- 'Bathing Beauties and Big Boobs,' featuring Lawrence Semon. Written and directed by Lawrence Semon." An even less-likely title than "Hindoos and Hazards."

Motion Picture News, 27-July-1918
"Larry Semon is creating thrill on house tops and building for his present laugh provoker."

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