Monday, June 25, 2018

Lloyd Has Scorned a Slapstick Make-Up -- June 25, 2018

Film Daily, 22-June-1918
In this Pathé ad, Harold Lloyd sits with a copy of How to Box.  He appears to be biting on a coin to see if it is real.  The ad says that  his comedies played for 400 days at various big theaters in New York City.

Film Daily, 08-June-1918
"For some time now, since starting on the new comedies, Lloyd has scorned a slapstick make-up.  He has not grotesque stuff in his personal appearance at all; merely depending upon his cheery smile and a pair of horn-rimmed spectacles to get his effect."

Film Daily, 08-June-1918
"Snub Pollard is present but is given few opportunities."

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