Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Zeppelin's Last Raid -- November 1, 2017

Moving Picture World, 24-November-1917
I used to read a lot about Thomas Ince in film history books.  He was known for having a big ego, even by Hollywood standards.  He deserved to be proud of his accomplishments as a writer, a director and a producer. The Zeppelin's Last Raid addressed a hot topic in 1917.

Moving Picture World, 24-November-1917
The plot of the film, which is probably lost, sounds a little far-fetched.  The captain of the Zeppelin is in love with a woman who belongs to an underground organization that wants to overthrow the Kaiser.

Moving Picture World, 24-November-1917
"The commander throws the 'Death Switch' which destroys the huge dirigible in mid air."  I would bet most Zeppelins didn't have Death Switches. Some guy would be trying to turn on the lights and throw the Death Switch instead. 

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