Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Giant Camera -- November 15, 2017

The Giant Camera sits on a terrace behind San Francisco's Cliff House.  The attraction is also called the Camera Obscura San Francisco.  A camera obscura is a dark room which displays an image of an outside scene projected through a pinhole or a lens.  The Giant Camera, built in 1947, provides a beautiful view of the Land's End area of San Francisco.  On a clear day, it is always worth a visit.

I took the photos in 2012.

Seal Rocks, in the background, used to be home to a large group of sea lions, but they have moved to a warmer home next to Pier 39.

There is a high quality lens in the tower.  It rotates to give a panoramic view.  

More about the camera obscura:

The Giant Camera's webiste:

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