Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Iconic City Hall -- The Times of Harvey Milk -- May 10, 2016

The San Francisco Arts Commission sponsors the Art on Market Street Program, which has local artists put up a series of works on bus shelters on Market Street.  Iconic City Hall is a series by Kelli Inouye which depicts movies that have used San Francisco's beautiful City Hall.

The Times of Harvey Milk, which should not be confused with the 2008 dramatic film Milk, was a 1984 documentary about Harvey Milk, an activist who became San Francisco's first openly gay elected official. 

My father and I were watching a parade when Harvey Milk came along and shook our hands and gave my father a flier.  They talked for a bit, then Milk moved on.  My father told me that Milk would never get elected unless the city went to district elections.  Soon after, we went to district elections and Milk won. 

I was on my way to a medical appointment when they said on the radio that Supervisor Milk and Mayor George Moscone had been assassinated.   This was 9 or 10 days after I was on my way to another appointment and the radio reported about the massacre in Jonestown, Guyana.  It was a horrible month. 

It took me a while to find this image.  I took it on 12-November-2015.  The label said this poster was was number 5 of 6.  I never found number 6. 

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