Sunday, May 1, 2016

Citizen Kane 75 Years -- May 1, 2016
Happy International Labor Day to all.

75 years ago, on 01-May-1941, Citizen Kane premiered at the RKO Palace theater on Broadway.  Orson Welles hit a grand slam on his first effort as a director, Citizen Kane.   It used to be at the top of lists of the Greatest Film Ever.  It doesn't appear to get there much anymore, but it is still a wonderful movie.  The movie had a mixed reception.  The Hearst papers hated it because everyone thought that Kane was William Randolph Hearst.  It hurt the reputation of Marion Davies, who was a lot more talented than Kane's second wife.  Writer Herman J Mankiewicz spent many years trying to get people to acknowledge that he played a large part in the creation of the movie.

Today is also the 100th birthday of actor Glenn Ford.  The Big Heat is one of my favorite movies.

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