Friday, November 13, 2015

News of the Week November 13, 1915 -- November 13, 2015

The 13-November -1915 Motography featured "News of the Week as Shown in Films," with items from current newsreels.

"Luther Burbank, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford meet at San Francisco Exposition.  Copyright 1915 by Pathe News."  Inventor Edison met botanist Burbank for the first time in October.  Henry Ford often vacationed with Edison.  Here they pose at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco. 

"Great quantities of opium are destroyed in San Francisco, California.  Copyright 1915 by Universal Animated Weekly."  Smugglers found a good market for opium smuggled from China. 

"C. A. Youngren, inventor of a new life saving garment.  Copyright 1915 by Mutual Weekly."  I can't find anything about him.  An O. A. Youngren received a patent for a "life preserver" in 1921.  It may be the same person. 

"Mexican Bandits wreck train at Olnite, Texas.  Copyright 1915 by Pathe News."  A Saint Louis, Brownsville and Mexico got derailed by Mexican bandits and looted on 18-October-1915.  The engineer died in the crash and the fireman was scalded.  One rider was shot and killed while the bandits robbed the passengers.  

"A scene from the Hearst-Selig News Pictorial showing conspirators who plotted to destroy U. S. ships carrying arms to Allies.  Copyright 1915, International Film Service Inc."  German agents tried to plant explosives on ships carrying war materials. 

"A scene from Hearst-Selig News Pictorial showing the U. S. S. "Nevada" making its first trip.  Copyright 1915, International Film Service Inc."  USS Nevada (BB-36) went to Ireland to protect convoys during World War One.  She was at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked in 1941.  She was damaged, but was repaired.  She was at Iwo Jima and D-Day and again protected Atlantic convoys.

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