Monday, November 16, 2015

Chaplin With the Allies -- November 16, 2015

Motography, 20-November-1915

This article states that Charlie Chaplin had been to the front and visited the British trenches.  Of course, he did "wrapped up in film," but the troops welcomed him.

Moving Picture World, 06-November-1915

Motography, 13-November-1915
Both Motography and Moving Picture World printed the same article one week apart, about Chaplin in "A Night in the Show."  Only Moving Picture World included an image.  It remarks that he is not wearing his "old costume" but is still funny.

Moving Picture World, 06-November-1915
Essanay complained that people were releasing "conglomerations" put together from older Chaplin movies.  This is interesting because Essanay would later do the same thing with its Chaplin movies. 

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