Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mary, Mary, I'm all for You -- March 24, 2015

Washington Times, 24-March-1915

"This is a still of Mary Fuller.  Aw, what's a still?  Why, a still picture...This is a still of Our Mary -- Universal Mary -- Queen Mary -- Tomboy Mary and she's not married."  I guess this was meant to distinguish Mary Fuller from Mary Pickford. 

With expositions in both San Francisco and San Diego dedicated to the newly opened Panama Canal, and with tourism to Europe cut off, Universal hoped to attract visitors to its new studio, Universal City.  "Take the Santa Fe to Los Angeles and a trolley from there.  See How the Movies are Made."

Mary Fuller had appeared in many Edison films including the 1910 "Frankenstein."  She was the title character in "What Happened to Mary," which is often called the first movie serial.  Later she starred in the Edison series "The Active Life of Dolly of the Dailies."  By 1915, she had moved to Universal.  Her career ended a few years later. 


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