Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Remarkable Skill and Ingenuity of the Thanhouser Organization -- October 30, 2014

Moving Picture World, 03-October-1914

The Million Dollar Mystery was a Thanhouser production made in association with the Chicago Tribune, which ran the weekly stories in printed form. The 23-chapter serial starred Florence La Badie, a popular Thanhouser actress who died the next year in a car wreck. Her leading man was James Cruze, who later became a director. His most famous production was The Covered Wagon.

Bisbee Daily Review, 03-October-1914
Notice that The Million Dollar Mystery is billed on top  in this ad for Bisbee, Arizona's Orpheum Theater. 

Motography, 10-October-1914
"In episode No. 16 of The Million Dollar Mystery is a thrilling portrayal of an actual quicksand into which Flo La Badie falls."

Motography, 17-October-1914
"Jones rescues Norton from the basement dungeon." 

Motography, 17-October-1914
"The conspirators set the trap for Norton." 

Motography, 24-October-1914
"It contains new thrills -- new action..."

Motography, 24-October-1914

"Olga forces the princess to do her bidding." 

Motography, 24-October-1914
"Florence tells Olga of the invitation." 


The San Francisco Giants defeated the Kansas City Royals 3-2 in the seventh game of the World Series.  Madison Bumgarner was the winning pitcher and the MVP.  It was a heck of a season.  The Royals put up a great fight. 

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