Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Drama with a Sociological Purpose -- October 11, 2014

Moving Picture World, 03-October-1914

After leaving the Biograph, DW Griffith formed Reliance-Majestic with Harry Aiken.  Griffith brought along most of his Biograph stock company, including Blanche Sweet.  I like this photo, which looks remarkably current. 

Moving Picture World, 10-October-1914
Mae Marsh was another Griffith actress.  She looked like a little girl, but she could act.  Note that Griffith specials are listed at the bottom, including The Avenging Conscience, The Escape, Home Sweet Home and The Battle of the Sexes.  "Coming -- THE CLANSMAN -- America's Biggest Film."  This became The Birth of a Nation

Moving Picture World, 31-October-1914

"Paid With Interest" was a two-reeler.  This ad offers large photos of the stock company, and lists the company's Komic comedy productions. 

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