Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Martin Eden and Burning Daylight -- September 16, 2014

Moving Picture World, 05-September-1914

Actor Hobart Bosworth admired Jack London's writing and formed a company to produce movies based on London's stories and novels.

I first read Martin Eden one summer while I was in high school.  London's description of working conditions during the Gilded Age made a large impression on me.  Martin Eden shares many of Jack London's traits, as a self-taught man who pulled himself from the bottom to the top.  I have never seen any of the film or television adaptions. 

Moving Picture World, 19-September-1914
Jack London published Burning Daylight in 1910 and it was his biggest seller while he lived.  I have not read the book, but I use the phrase a lot.  It is another story based on London's time in the Klondike.  Has anyone seen the 2010 version? 

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