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Charley Chaplin Signs New Leading Woman -- March 20, 2024

Motion Picture News, 08-March-1924

Last month we saw that "Charlie Chaplin Seeks Feminine Foil:"

Chaplin had worked with Edna Purviance for seven years, from his second Essanay film, through the Mutuals, to The Kid and his short films for First National. Chaplin directed her in his first production for United Artists, A Woman of Paris.

Note that the title of this item spells Chaplin's first name wrong.

For his first starring feature for United Artists, The Gold Rush, he looked for a new leading lady. He found Lita Grey, who had appeared in The Kid and "The Idle Class" in small roles as an angel and a maid. Chaplin signed her to play the lead in The Gold Rush, even though she was only 15 years old. He also committed statutory rape against her. He married her when she became pregnant. Their marriage was brief and unhappy, but they had two sons together.

Chaplin found a new leading lady for The Gold Rush, Georgia Hale.

Motion Picture News, 22-March-1924

The "as yet untitled" movie would turn out to be nearly perfect. The dog was especially good. And don't miss the chicken.

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