Saturday, February 3, 2024

A Film Memorial of Woodrow Wilson -- February 3, 2024

Film Daily, 05-February-1924

100 years ago today, on 03-February-2024, former president Woodrow Wilson died. The newsreel companies were quick to send out special reports:

Film Daily, 07-February-1924

Motography, 02-October-1915

President Wilson appeared in a lot of newsreels. "President Wilson throws out the first ball, at opening of baseball park. Copyright 1915 by Universal Animated Weekly." I'm guessing this is the opening of Braves Field in August. On 09-October-1915, Wilson became the first president throw out the first ball at a World Series game, when the Boston Red Sox played the Philadelphia Phillies at the Baker Bowl in Philadelphia. Wilson was a big baseball fan.

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