Thursday, November 5, 2020

The Life of the Party -- November 5, 2020


Motion Picture News, 06-November-1920

The Life of the Party was the ironic title of Roscoe Arbuckle's second feature film released by Paramount. It was based on a story by Kentucky writer Irvin S Cobb. 

Motion Picture News, 06-November-1920

Determined to get their money's worth out of Roscoe, Paramount had him working on two features at the same time, Brewster's Millions and The Dollar-A-Year Man. Joseph Henabery, who played Abraham Lincoln in The Birth of a Nation, directed Brewster's Millions and James Cruze, who later directed The Covered Wagon, directed The Dollar-A-Year Man. Both films are lost. 

Motion Picture News, 06-November-1920

Apparently rolling in dough, Roscoe owned four cars, worth a total of $42,000.  

Washington Evening Star, 06-October-1920

 For comparison, Ford was selling a Model T touring car for $440. 

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