Saturday, August 31, 2019

Eyes of Youth -- August 31, 2019

Moving Picture World, 23-August-1919
Clara Kimball Young was a big star.  Here she meets with the cast of her feature film Eyes of Youth. The white-suited gentleman in the back row is "Rudolfo Valentino."  Rudolph Valentino made a big impression in a small part.

Moving Picture World, 02-August-1919
A lot people were moving to new studios around this time.

Moving Picture World, 02-August-1919
At the same time that Metro was promoting fewer and better pictures, the new Equity Pictures promised ten big features a year, four with Clara Kimball Young.

Moving Picture World, 09-August-1919
Clara Kimball Young shot some scenes in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Moving Picture World, 16-August-1919
Moving Picture World, 16-August-1919
Eyes of Youth was based on a play by Max Marcin and Charles Guernon.  Marjorie Rambeau played the lead role on Broadway.

Moving Picture World, 23-August-1919
Back from San Francisco, Clara Kimball young moved into the new Garson studio.

Moving Picture World, 30-August-1919
Equity Pictures was busily selling territorial rights to its planned ten productions.

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