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Buster Keaton is Back in the Cast -- July 27, 2019

Film Fun, July, 1919
"This is Fatty -- no, this is Magnate Roscoe Arbuckle, president and owner of the Vernon Club of the Pacific Coast League."

Moving Picture World, 05-July-1919
Buster Keaton was back from his service in the Army.  Roscoe made his next film, "Back Stage," in a leased studio in Glendale.  It is a good one.

Moving Picture World, 12-July-1919
Roscoe and Henry Lehrman were planning to share a new studio they were building in Culver City.

Moving Picture World, 12-July-1919
"Buster Keaton is back in the cast ... The company is working at the Astra Studio in Glendale, Cal., pending preparation of a new studio located probably in Culver City."

Motion Picture News, 05-July-1919
Buster talked about his deafness, which resulted from the horrible climate in Europe.

Moving Picture World, 19-July-1919
Roscoe explained that he was not entering into a partnership with Pathé Lehrman, but would "become a tenant of the plant."

Moving Picture World, 26-July-1919
The new studio in Culver City was going to be near Thomas H Ince's studio.

Moving Picture World, 05-July-1919
Not only did Roscoe own a professional baseball team, he was also a big fight fan. He rode on a special train with other celebrities to see the Dempsey-Willard heavyweight championship which took place in Toledo, Ohio on 04-July-1919:

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