Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Tom Mix ... Went to the Hospital Last Week -- November 13, 2018

Motion Picture News, 02-November-1918
100 years ago this month, Tom Mix was having some health problems. It is always difficult to tell if a story is true, especially coming from Tom Mix. "Tom Mix week before last had reached the middle of his production, “The Coming of the Law.” During the week the picture was delayed because Mix was unable to do a few stunts called for owing to an injured hip, received some time ago when he leaped from a horse at the rodeo given under his direction on California Day. Physicians this week, it was announced, discovered a bullet that had lodged in his hip sixteen years ago from a gun fired by a friend. As soon as his present production is completed Mix will go to a hospital to have the piece of lead removed, it is said."

Motion Picture News, 16-November-1918
"TOM MIX, Fox Western star, went to the hospital last week to undergo an operation for the removal of lead from his hip that is said to have been there for fifteen years. He was under ether for three hours. A story is told n Old Blue, faithful horse belonging to Mix, that the animal refused to eat or to be led or to be entertained in any manner while Mix was absent. Accordingly the horse was taken to the hospital, according to this same story, and when he got a glimpse of his master, he proceeded to act as all good horses are expected to act. "

Motion Picture News, 23-November-1918
Tom Mix, who has been a patient at the Clara Barton Hospital, Los Angeles, returned to his home, 5841 Carlton Way, on Thursday, November 7. Mix had an operation performed on his left knee. Years ago while in Texas he was hot and the bullet flattened against the bone. The wound healed and for a long time the actor suffered no inconvenience. For several months the knee began to give trouble and early in October he decided to have the cause removed. He went to the hospital where he spent several weeks.

Moving Picture World, 30-November-1918
"Tom Mix considers that he saved a lot of valuable time by having the flu during the time he was in the hospital convalescing from the operation of having a fifteen-year-old bullet taken from his knee.  He took the flue at the same time that his doctor and several nurses got it and made one big spell of it, and by the time he was well of one trouble, the other had ceased to bother him."

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