Wednesday, December 27, 2017

King-Bee Comedies Gobble All the Laughs -- December 27, 2017

Moving Picture World, 01-December-1917
Billy West closely imitated Charlie Chaplin in a long series of comedies for different studios. While Chaplin was making the excellent Mutual comedies, West was making imitations of Chaplin's Essanay comedies.

Moving Picture World, 01-December-1917
Billy West was the favorite comedian of the inmates of Sing Sing, a prison in New York state.

Moving Picture World, 01-December-1917
Adjacent items state that, contrary to previous reports which I could not find, that King Bee did not rent the Christie studios when they came east and that King-Bee (note the hyphen in this item) had commissioned original scores for its Billy West movies.

Moving Picture World, 08-December-1917
King-Bee planned a big Thanksgiving party for everyone at the studio.  This makes sense since they had all come from the East and were probably away from their families.

Moving Picture World, 22-December-1917
The Bee-Hive exchange, which distributed King-Bee comedies, was buzzing with business.  They released a set of waltzes composed by star Billy West.  Another thing he did like Chaplin.

Moving Picture World, 22-December-1917
King-Bee Comedies were seven months old.

Moving Picture World, 29-December-1917
"The Prospector" was shot on location in the Rockies.

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