Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Broadway Theater, San Francisco, Cal. -- October 24, 2017

Moving Picture World, 27-October-2017

Broadway Theater, San Francisco, Cal.

Although of the Old School of Picture House Architecture, The Broadway Facade is Attractive.

THE Broadway Theatre, located in the heart of Little Italy on the thoroughfare of that name, is one of the old-established moving picture houses on North Beach. For years it was conducted by the eteran exhibitor, Sam Gordon, who also had the penny arcade next door, hut is now operated under the management of Max Blumenfeld.

Although of the old school of moving picture theater design, the house presents a very attractive appearance with its white stucco front, large lobby and neat ticket selling booth of the kiosk type. It has a seating capacity of 554, all on one floor, and is well supplied with exits, some of these leading into the amusement place next door.

This theater is one of the few houses in this city where the 5 cent admission price still prevails, this being the regular charge, except on Sunday, when 10 cents is asked. A change of program is made daily and a special feature is presented on Sunday. A lavish use is made of posters in the lobby, and great care is made in their selection, as these are carefully studied by the cosmopolitan patrons of the house.

The projection equipment includes two Powers 6A Cameragraphs, and music is furnished by an automatic player instrument. The service rendered is above the average to be found in 5 cent houses and a good business is done in the face of unusual competition, there being four other moving picture theaters within a block.

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