Sunday, February 12, 2017

Francis Ford as the Great Emancipator -- February 12, 2017

It, 15-July-1920
Happy 208th birthday to Abraham Lincoln, our greatest president.  In 1915, Universal released a Gold Seal production, "The Heart of Lincoln," just in time for his birthday.  Francis Ford, brother of future director John Ford, played Lincoln.  Ford directed the film and co-starred with his frequent partner, Grace Cunard.  She wrote the scenario. 

"... in his Big Americanization Feature which is soon to be released, and John Dean, father of Harry Ellis Dean, who voted for Abraham Lincoln."  Since the movie was released in 1915, this item must refer to a re-release.  Harry Ellis Dean was the business manager of the Francis Ford Studios.

I posted a 1915 story about the movie:

Francis Ford played Abraham Lincoln in seven other films.   

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