Thursday, September 15, 2016

Barg in M tinee Dail U il 2 M -- September 15, 2016

The San Francisco Arts Commission ( has set up a series of posters by artist Jeff Canham.  "The Best Show in Town" depicts messages that appeared on the marquees of famous theaters along Market Street from 1928 to 2015.

This item appeared on the marquee of the Saint Francis Theater at 965 Market Street in 2012.  In 1910, the theater opened as the Empress.  Showman Sid Grauman bought it and named it the Strand in 1917.  In 1924, it became the Saint Francis.  The Saint Francis closed in 2001, but remained mostly undisturbed until it was torn down in 2013.  This explains the condition of the message in 2012. 

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