Monday, May 18, 2015

Chas. Chaplin in The Champion and The Passion Play or The Life of Christ, 4 Acts -- May 18, 2015

Moving Picture World, 15-May-1915
Moving Picture World made fun of this poorly punctuated Good Friday ad from an exhibitor.

Photoplay, May, 1915
Chaplin appeared in "The Champion" (not in the Passion Play) with this bulldog.
Motography, 01-May-1915
Chaplin moved from the Essanay studios at Niles, across the bay from San Francisco, to Los Angeles.  Some sources reported that Broncho Billy and the rest of the Essanay western companies had moved, but only Chaplin went to Los Angeles. 

Motography, 01-May-1915
Charlie Chaplin inspired "the latest song and dance hit." 

Moving Picture World, 15-May-1915
This Essanay ad features Chaplin's "By the Sea" in the lower part of the list of productions. 

Motography, 15-May-1915
"By the Sea" sounds like many of Chaplin's Keystone movies. 

Moving Picture World, 22-May-1915
Chaplin appears below Broncho Billy.  "Watch for the Chaplin-Essanay brand." 

Motography, 22-May-1915
This Chaplin novelty was a watch fob. 

Motography, 29-May-1915

Madison Square Garden offered Chaplin $25,000 to appear twice a day for two weeks.  Broncho Billy gave Chaplin $25,000 to stay in California. 

Moving Picture World, 29-May-1915

A more detailed account of the offer. 

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