Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Eat a Piece of Mince Pie and Sleep on Your Back -- April 14, 2015

Washington Times, 14-April-1915

"Eat a Piece of Mince Pie and Sleep on Your Back -- and you'll dream of a city like Universal City -- out in California -- where the movies are made." 

The blonde-haired girl in the foreground is pretty creepy looking. 

With expositions in both San Francisco and San Diego dedicated to the newly opened Panama Canal, and with tourism to Europe cut off, Universal hoped to attract visitors to its new studio, Universal City.  "Take the Santa Fe to Los Angeles and a trolley from there.  See How the Movies are Made."
"Go to Los Angeles on the Santa Fe and run from there down to Universal City -- the only moving picture city in the world where theatrical insanity reaches its greatest height." 

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